April 2020
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Eurovision ’07 Favorites, or not.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest starts in just over a week, with the preliminary round held a week from Thursday.

I am very excited.

Now as I mentioned, I fagged out in Leipzig and made B. and Cathy go with me to Saturn where I picked up a copy of the 2007 Eurovision Double CD […]

Eurovision ‘07

I realize it is a bit on the early side, but I started getting Eurovision-anxiety when I saw that Israel had picked its song for 2007.

Apparently it’s a ditty about nuclear war—probably not quite the light hearted satire of Tom Lehrer’s “So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III).” I doubt that “Push […]

Eurovision 2006: Klingons Win!

Note: This was written while voting for Eurovision was in progress, and the follow-up, so it may seem to be a bit disjointed.

This year I decided against traveling anywhere to watch Eurovision with a group. Leipzig is starting its Gay Pride Week (err… Christopher Street Days) with a Eurovision Party, but I couldn’t work […]

Eurovision 2006

I’ve been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest from before even understanding what it was exactly. Mind you, I first discovered the song contest in my mid-20s and I had no concept of it as being something that fags were interested in—I just knew that I cared about it.

Now, of course, I know […]

Weimar Atrium

Looking down… Originally uploaded by elmada.

Today is Black Friday, the day when stores in the States go from having lost money all year to turning a profit as the hordes of shoppers, fueled by Thanksgiving dinners, hit the stores at extremely early hours. I suppose the name comes from the fact that businesses […]

11:11 11/11 +1 & more

I haven’t really been in a writing mood the past couple of days—which is a shame.

Yesterday I missed the fact that it was Veteran’s/ Armistice/ Remembrance/ Fasching Day. Veteran’s Day in the United States to memorialize its war heros; Armistice Day in many countries (including France) to memorialize the end of World War I; […]


I’ve been mulling over how to respond to JP’s post “Might is Right?” His post was an outgrowth of a debate we had in the office kitchen about the war in Iraq. My biggest flaw in arguing with JP is admitting that I am actually ambivalent about the current war. Admittedly I have advocated the […]

Being British

I usually do not remember my dreams after waking, but last night I was having a dream about going through immigration at some airport in the United Kingdom. I had just been asked by the immigration official when I was leaving.

“Sunday, unless I get sick,” I said and my alarm went off.

It was […]

The Advocate

I hate the Advocate, the “national gay & lesbian newsmagazine” of the United States.

Well, hate isn’t the right word; it is more a sense of profound disappointment and contempt.

It is, to be blunt, shallow, bland, and boring.

Strangely, I feel the same contempt toward the Advocate that I feel toward Time and Newsweek. […]

Toilets, Revisited.

On board ICE 127 International, En route to Weimar, just past Köln.

I’ve acquired a new problem—motion sickness when traveling on high speed ICE trains.

My problem is compounded by the fact that last night I did not sleep well at all—in fact it was an incredibly fitful sleep—punctured three or four times with long […]