February 2020
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Oven Disasters

This has been a weekend of baking disasters:

Friday night, after having read about a No-Knead Bread recipe from the New York Times, on a couple of websites, I decided to try it. I have no idea what went wrong, but Saturday afternoon it became readily apparent that my attempt was a disaster—and that I had done something wrong, especially after reading several rave reviews. I think, in retrospect, I might not have used enough flour. I will have to try it again.

Today with Annie I tried baking banana bread – again, something went wrong—this time with the oven. The edges of the loaf were burned while the middle remained a soggy mess. Despite promises I made last week, the banana bread is not going to the office tomorrow morning.

In order to salvage my baking, I decided to make Oatmeal cookies. Unfortunately they turned into a soggy mess before baking and a dry disintegrating mess after baking. Currently the baked oatmeal mess sits on two plates on my counter—its texture more reminiscent of dry homemade trail mix than any cookie I’ve ever met before.

The final problem of the weekend was my pizza dough—which was not a disaster. Not that it was great by any stretch, it was adequate (not the worst I’ve done, but not in the top half either). The pizza at least resembles pizza and will be a tasty lunch tomorrow at the office.

2 comments to Oven Disasters

  • It must be a phase of the moon or something… I have not had much luck in baking over here lately either.

    Let’s hope my Thanksgiving dinner turns out O.K. Of course, I’ll be making it for myself only, so if it doesn’t, at least I won’t be dragging others through it!

  • J

    At least one of them went right for you.