February 2020
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The Story

The English Translation, to the German story.

To be or not to be.”

I am (called) Carmen and my friend Pavel is practicing Hamlet. I am playing chess with Tom. We’re drinking wine. Not a good idea since we are guards. There is a rail in the office. We are guarding the world famous tapestry. It’s being washed in the washing machine with half a litre of cream and 200 grams of ashes. One mixes the ashes and the cream first.

At 3:30, Pavel and Tom go to the toilet together. They take the sponge with them. I snack, secretly.


They return quickly and I am discovered. I am full of shame.

The alarm rings. I get up. It’s 7:30 and it was a dream.

3 comments to The Story

  • IUMike

    Hmm, I think you’re revealing a lot about your inner self in this story!

  • MT

    I am trying to figure out what you are snacking on. Cream? Ashes? Wine? Shit?

    You don’t want to know the content of my dreams lately. I would tell you, but then I’d have to shoot you. Or, of course, die of embarassment. LOL! Either way, if you buy me beer in Prague and Berlin, I will tell you my revealing night time dream sequences. Don’t worry – you are not involved in them. 😉 But, it does make it hard to look at some folks in my office (and in my classes) without laughing to myself. HA!

  • ChrisC

    Somehow I think your prose is likely better than German television.