February 2020
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I love Lisbon!

Merry Christmas!!
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I’m in Lisbon.

Considering that when I arrived in Lisbon that I knew absolutely nothing about this city—other than the fact that it is the capital of Portugal, it’s remarkable how fast my love affair has grown.

I have absolutely no idea why I was so ignorant about this country and I’m afraid that I still remain fairly ignorant about Portugal.

However, I am sure that the food in Lisbon is excellent. I have yet to have a bad meal having been to a seafood restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a Brazilian BBQ restaurant, and a random Portuguese restaurant in the Bairro Alto part of town.

The city is also remarkably beautiful. In a moment of ignorance, I thought the city would be rather flat, but it is not. It’s actually rather hilly and features at least two “elevator” street cars (essentially funiculars) that transport locals and tourists alike up and down some of the steeper inclines.

The beauty of Lisbon has been enhanced by the pretty Christmas decorations that are all over the city’s center including the Praça de Comércio and the Praça do Municipio. The photo of me was taken at the Praça do Municipio, which is in front of the Paços de Concelho—read that as the Municipal Plaza in front of the City Hall.

I have a ton of photographs to upload, but, unfortunately, they are on my laptop. The photo I posted here was taken by a friend in Lisbon who then emailed it to me.

For those of you losing track of where I am, tomorrow morning (Tuesday), I board a plane at 07:40 in Lisbon (+5 from US Eastern), fly to Paris (+6 from US Eastern), where I’ll catch a plane to Atlanta (US Eastern) and then Indianapolis (US Eastern). I get to Indy at 23:08 and drive from there to Bloomington. I’m sure that I’ll sleep on the plane, but basically I’m having a 24 hour day.

I love traveling.

Maybe I’ll get bumped in Atlanta.

6 comments to I love Lisbon!

  • IUMike

    Why are we arguing about Nativity scenes in America when we could have cool Christmas decorations like those stars!?

  • ChrisC

    I agree with Mike. I love that photo!

  • mateo

    I quite agree with the two gents above me!! Very cool photo of you, Adam!!! I wanna go there and get my picture taken. But that would be one hella expensive photo, what with the plane tix and etc!!!

    Anyway…I hadn’t realized that you were going to be travelling so soon, so you will have a holiday card awaiting you when you get back to Germany. 🙂 See you REAL soon Adam!

  • Lisbon sounds great. You know, quite frankly, I have never given Portugal a second thought. Maybe I need to reconsider. Enjoy your time in Indiana! More later, James in San Francisco (only for 23 more days and off to Germany)

  • koko

    I read that as, “Maybe I’ll get HUMPED in Atlanta”


  • mateo

    Oh, koko!

    What are we going to do with you and your dirty little mind?