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Not Gonna Buy It

8 comments to Not Gonna Buy It

  • disenchanted

    Why would you need one? Don’t you have an iPhone?
    Me, my iTouch will suffice.

  • I just got one… I love it!!! 🙂

  • Been thinking about getting an iPad, but I already have an iPhone which does all the things the iPad does (well most of it anyway)

  • koko

    I don’t understand the function of these. I have an iphone, a laptop, and a desktop so this would do nothing for me…other than make me look like a total old fart lamer. The only reason I’d allow someone to get it is for the sake of ebooks. I find the ipad to be half pathetic and half ugly.

  • disenchanted- I do have an iPhone. And the only thing I plan getting in the near future is the next iPhone, but I’m waiting until at least August, if not September, in order to get closer to my contract replacement date and to let early bugs get worked out.

    headbang8- That little iBefore iThings makes it sell, doesn’t it

    Emily- I played with one in the US for five minutes–it was cute, but I couldn’t see carrying it around.

    Cynical Queer- iSee

    Charles- and you have a laptop that does whatever the iPhone doesn’t do.

    starman1695- money savings right there!

    koko- I think it looks cute, but since it’s not flat on the back, you can’t put it on a table to use it. I use my computer too much for things like editing and writing to need or want a toy like the iPad.