January 2020
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Gay Germany

I’ve decided that Gay chat services in Germany are useless.

I deleted my Gaydar profile since I hadn’t even bothered to log-in for several months.

GayRomeo went out the door because in the last three months I have had the website open in a back window as it checks for messages every few minutes. The messages typically are one of three different kinds.

The first, and most frequent, is the message asking, “Will you fuck me.” These messages are usually accompanied by photographs of cocks. These usually come in German—and I can understand the messages without translation.

The second kind of initial contact comes from people “from” Ghana.

The last, and only one of its kind, was a message from S—that guy from ETC last October who thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread. When he sent me a message I was surprised and then spent the next few hours sending him messages that were polite but showed a complete and utter lack of interest in anything beyond mundane messages.

Only twice (in a year) have I met anybody off of these two services. Both were guys who I hung out with in Weimar for an afternoon. Neither of them asked me to fuck them (or vice versa) in the initial messages, but nothing seemed to spark as a result.

1 comment to Gay Germany

  • ChrisC

    Perhaps you need to send the German gay population your previous message about being a cheap date?

    We all know how notoriously cheap men are. *shrugs*