January 2020
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I’m hosting movie night Wednesday: Office Space

Things I’ve done in preparation for hosting movie night:

  • Vacuumed apartment.
  • Washed windows in living room.
  • Dusted furniture in living room.
  • Scrubbed bathtub (more for me), declogged drain (more for me).
  • Scrubbed sink.
  • Cleaned bathroom floor.
  • Hung decorative (and awesome) potholders in kitchen, along with cute tea towel.
  • Hung clock in kitchen (need to buy AA battery though – it’s 10:08 in the kitchen.
  • Took out recycling – bag of paper recycling, plus plastics, plus glass.
  • Cleaned out fridge of all suspect and old food items (including artichoke).
  • Took 3 boxes to the basement storage room.
  • Washed mirrors in bathroom and hallway.
  • Carefully reshelved 1970s era porn novels.
  • Organized most random piles of papers.
  • Purchased bottles of water, Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite for guests.
  • Chilled aforementioned liquids, plus two bottles of white wine.
  • Purchased crackers and carrots for hummus dip that I will buy later.
  • Purchased roses and centered them on dining room table.
  • Did an extra load of laundry.
  • Located and carefully stored copy of Office Space.

On my to do list:

  • Buy bread.
  • Buy hummus and other spreads.
  • Wash dining room table.
  • Mop kitchen floor.
  • Remove coats from coat rack so that there is space for guest coats.
  • Move things out of the way (like my toothpaste and toothbrush).
  • Make sure all calendars have been flipped to June.
  • Not panic.

10 comments to I’m hosting movie night Wednesday: Office Space

  • I want to see your potholders and tea towel!

  • You have been busy!!! but buy hummus? Make it! so easy. I haven’t found good bought hummus in Germany yet… http://markbittman.com/hummus

  • AnkiH

    Impressive! What about the light balls – are they cleaned?
    No no, I doubt that there is a better host than you are.

  • Reko

    “Carefully reshelved 1970s era porn novels”–so that they are now more prominently displayed?

  • Reko

    Is this your Gordon Merrick collection?

  • Prashanth

    what about the great german “hausschuhe”??..you forgot them??

  • Reko

    Will the Movie Night guests be permitted to use the recently scrubbed bath tub, if circumstances call for a bath?

  • All efforts were not in vain. A most enjoyable evening.

  • CN Heidelberg – I will take photos of the kitchen soon. I still need to give a virtual tour of my apartment!

    Yelli – I’m too lazy and the Turkish grocery store in my Keiz makes really good hummus…

    AnkiH – Light balls?

    Reko, MT – Traveling Ph.D. – well… so that the novels are in the proper place. ‘d gladly show them to interested parties.

    Prashanth – Socks or barefoot. I’m not that fancy!

    Reko – Had any of my guests needed the bathtub, absolutely, yes.

    Irish Berliner – It was a pleasure hosting you!