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Expatriate, not ex-patriot: I'm a progressive liberal and queer American in Berlin, Germany. My roots in include 18 years in Denver, 6 in Laramie, Wyoming, 6 in Bloomington, Indiana, and 6 in Weimar, Germany. Sense a pattern? Don't want to leave a comment on this blog? Email scintillatingme at gmail.com, username "elmadaeu"

A Misty Friday in Berlin.

Under the sidewalk

There’s construction near my office — and today I looked in the hole and saw wiring.

Bratwurst Competition

In Alexanderplatz there are quite a few One-Man Bratwurst vendors — today 1.35€ per bratwurst.

fernsehturm in clouds

Berlin’s famous Fernsehturm was shrouded in low lying clouds this afternoon. Probably not the best afternoon to go up the tower.

fernsehturm in mist

One the sun set, the Fernsehturm had a glow of its own.

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