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En Route to Handy, Alabama

Europe's most modern airport: BER

I saw this plane at Tegel Airport: If I owned airBerlin, I would make sure that anytime Klaus Wowereit were flying on my airline he’d be flying on this very airplane.

SE America...

Somewhere between Newark and Houston I snapped this picture of America.

Tornado Damage in Mobile

On Christmas Day in Mobile a tornado ran through town. What’s amazing about tornadoes is how localized the damage is. Right across the street from these buildings is a modern, flimsy gas station that looked like nothing had happened.

3 comments to En Route to Handy, Alabama

  • J

    Why on earth are you going to Handy, Alabama?

  • I hear Cellphone, Mississippi is splendidly tornado-free this time of year.

    About that plane: of course it’s Europe’s most modern airport. They’re doing their best to make sure it doesn’t get damaged by pesky passengers, either.

  • J – Unlike you, I love Germany 364 (or, this year, 365) days a year. The one day I do not love Germany, is New Year’s Eve, so I am in Handy, Alabama, meeting friends in order to celebrate the arrival of 2013.

    ian – I like your explanation about Europe’s most modern airport. Too bad it’s going to kill airBerlin, because while airBerlin isn’t my first choice, it helps keep Lufthansa honest on intra-European pricing, and I will happily fly them if there is no Lufthansa/Star Alliance alternative.