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So, Tuesday was my birthday…

Tuesday was not a productive day at work: I’d baked two batches of Butterscotch Cookies and brought them to the office with me in order to celebrate my birthday.

As somebody who’s worked with a surprisingly large number of colleagues, the German tradition of bringing sweets to the office to celebrate your own birthday is a bit of a challenge.

Theoretically I could have one party in one location, but there are few rooms at the office that could hold everybody I know, plus I find these kind of events to be tedious and, accidentally, impersonal. I want to talk to everybody and thank them in a meaningful way, but that’s something that is impossible with 50 people in the room.

So, instead, I wandered the building and talked to a number of people, offering them cookies individually.

I also received flowers from my secret admirer.


Who sent these to me? Nobody at my office has admitted to sending them…

You should have seen the look on my face when they were delivered – the administrative assistant walked in with this box from Bloom 2000 – a gigantic box – that had been delivered by DHL. At first I thought that she’d bought the flowers, but then I realized there was a shipping label on the box. Extracting the flowers from the box was a two-person job.

All in all, it was a perfect birthday.

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