November 2019
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London via Lytro

Last weekend I was in London — complete with breakfast at my hotel:

Naturally I had a great time, save for a couple details – like, for example, getting gifted a cold on my way out of town. I felt so awful this morning, that I opted to stay home and sleep.

As I was planning the trip, it occurred to me that I haven’t really played around with my Lytro camera enough of late, so I charged it up and took it along. It was, in some cases, the main camera on me – not that I do not love my 60D, but because I want to figure out how to better use the camera. It’s interesting technology, but practically speaking, I’m still not sure how to use it.

I mainly used it at the RAF Museum, where I thought that the planes hanging would be interesting for refocusing. But one of the buildings was oddly lit and I’m not really convinced by the results.

I took the camera with me to Leicester Square, where I trained it on a couple of the Christmas market activities — again, I’m not sure about the results.

Monday, my last day in London, I played with it while riding the bus — again, not sure about the results.

Not even after my trip to London — Here’s a picture from out my seat while waiting for the plane to get permission to land (and, thus, take off).

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