February 2019
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Two years in… it gets getting worse

It’s crazy to think that two years have gone since Trump was elected President.

The Republican Party must be proud of what they have brought to the world: a maniacal president who has nothing to do with what I always thought was the party’s core values: self-righteous Christian, backward thinking, limited taxation, anti-choice, assholes.

They’ve managed to do a whole lot worse than what I had assumed the worst was – and every morning that I wake up, I’m always shocked at how much lower they have stooped.

At this point, the bar is so low that a cockroach would have trouble getting under it.

Our president is a pussy grabbing, immigrant pepper-spraying, conspiracy theorist.

He doesn’t seem to have a grasp of reality. About the only thing he is good at is trying to spin television interviews in the way that sleezy property developers do – but he’s finding it frustrating because the only people gullible enough to believe his bullshit are his legion of followers and Fox News.

Truth no longer matters, it’s only spin and it is awful spin: immigrants are dangerous, Democrats are bad, Republicans not falling in line are disloyal.

Whatever happened to the country of immigrants, with a loyal opposition, and facts that matter?

I’m kind of in a ranty-mood right now – I’m looking forward to the national nightmare ending.

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