August 2019
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… on all my credit cards

This past couple of weeks, I’ve been talking to my banks – on both sides of the Atlantic – in order to check up on some details of my life.

And it occurred to me that back in January, when I was in Bloomington, I’d visited my safe deposit box and found all my old […]

Carry irony in your pocket: the Karl Marx MasterCard

When I moved to the big city, I decided it was time to dump small regional banks and go with a large, substantial, international player – and I’ve been completely happy with that jump, until now.

It’s all because my bank does not offer me the Karl Marx MasterCard, unlike Sparkasse Chemnitz.

It’s almost enough […]

18:00 CET – At the bank in Bloomington, and I almost forgot.

I spent a total of 29 hours in Bloomington – 29 action-packed hours, I might note, that included a lot of stops, including four trips to my principal bank in the United States, the Indiana University Credit Union.

All four of my trips to the bank were necessary – but I won’t […]

It’s challenging reading messages from my insurance company.

Tuesday evening HUK24, my German insurance company, sent me two messages to my private email address, essentially identical, each saying:

Sehr geehrter Herr Lederer,

wir haben Ihre Beitragsrechnung in Ihrem HUK24-Postfach abgelegt.

Um Ihre Nachricht abzurufen, loggen Sie sich bitte auf unserer Internetseite in Ihren Servicebereich “Meine HUK24” ein und wählen Sie anschließend die Option […]

I’m Still Cheesed at VR Bank Weimar

Usually it’s enough to post a short thing for me to calm down, but the truth is I am still fuming about VR Bank Weimar, eG, the bank that served me for six, long, awful years.

It took moving to Berlin for me to finally do what I should have done two years ago after […]

VR Bank Weimar doesn’t get it.

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to close an account with the people at VR Bank Weimar.

I regret ever opening an account with them.

Miserable Dienstleistung indeed.

Banking in Deutschland: Züruck in die Zukunft

Once I got my new job in Berlin there was one easy decision: it was time to fire my local, parochial, hick, and awful bank in Weimar.

However this is not something done overnight, rather there is going to be a two or three month transition period while I redirect automatic payments that come out […]

The American financial crisis as seen from 30,000 feet

I noticed as my plane was descending into Salt Lake City clear evidence of the financial crisis and its impact on housing – it’s actually quite easy to see from above. Unfortunately I didn’t grab my camera quickly enough and the Utah aspects went unphotographed.

Descending into Denver I was better prepared and I got […]

Random Tuesday Today Thoughts

I know that Snooker in Berlin participates in the weekly Random Tuesday Thoughts—and to be different, I’m doing it on Wednesday—but only because I have a crap load of thoughts to get out. I could try and break down the thoughts into more complete individual blog posts, but none of these thoughts really deserve that […]

Credit, Where Due

I have to give the VR Bank Weimar eG credit—they’ve got chutzpah.

Just over a week after I discovered that they had cut my credit limit to 500€ a month because their payment cycle happened too fast for one of my reimbursements and I, briefly, had a negative balance, they sent me a letter SHOUTING […]