March 2020
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Visiting Wolfsburg (VW): Germany’s Detroit (but not quite there yet)

This weekend, for reasons I won’t really disclose here, a friend and I agreed to meet in Wolfsburg – a city just over an hour west of Berlin.

For most people it is notable because it is home to Volkswagon.

I’ll admit that when we agreed to meet in Wolfsburg, I had no […]

The Fifth Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik Finish Line

Snooker in Berlin pointed out that today was a fantastic day to see classic automobiles here in Berlin: The Hamburg-Berlin-Klassic, a three day road rally, reached its finish line in Berlin around 3pm.

She and I were there waiting for the first of some 185 automobiles to cross the […]

18:00 CET – 10:00 and visiting my father’s auto mechanic.

There’s an auto repair shop in Denver whose service was so fantastic and honest that my father became a long-standing client – and he became friends with the owner. It was the kind of relationship that evolved into to the two of them taking trips together including to watch Colorado Rockies spring […]

Budget Car Rental gave me 10% Off! … Not!

After renting my cars last September with Budget, I was happy with the service, and so when Budget Deutschland sent me a survey, I replied that I was quite happy with the service and that I would use them again – and, for participating in the survey, Budget sent me an e-coupon worth 10% off […]

Seen Today, Leaving Home

My thoughts on car-sharing: it’s not for me.

It seems really foreign to not own a car—especially as an American. In America it’s as if the second you turn 16, you must get your driver’s license and a car.

Of course it didn’t work that way for me: I’ve always been, for the most part, a public transit kind of guy. I actually […]

Tonight’s Car-Bus Accident

No apparent injuries to the driver of the car.

Car Accident!

Just before 2 I was working on email when I heard a loud crunch and crash outside my apartment.

Immediately I knew that an accident had occurred in the intersection outside my house. From above it looked like on car (the blue one) was damage really badly but the other car (dark red), damaged side […]

Christian Litters on US 41 in Evansville, Indiana!

The state of Indiana has special license plates that serve identify the select special few, the Christian-Patriotic-Flag wavers who are otherwise under-represented in the state.

The plate, free to those who profess belief, are easily recognizable because they have a stars and stripes motif with large text proclaiming, “In God We Trust.”

Now I’m not […]

It happened!

photo by OK Copito

So the fear expressed in my previous post, came to reality–actually it came to reality many times, but at least one time there was a blogger who heard the event and photographed the aftermath!

OK Copito is a Spanish-language blog based here in Weimar–and as the author was hard […]