May 2019
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It’s starting again…

Back in 2004 when I moved to Germany, I constantly had to explain George W. Bush and explain why it was he was (re-)elected president. Much of the time my new friends and colleagues sought to understand how such a great country (like America) could vote for such an idiot – Republican behaving badly.

In […]

Learning English: I’m OK in OK

A couple of months ago, one of my colleagues told me about a book that he’d read in grade 8 English: I’m OK in OK: The Diary of My Year in Oklahoma.

I decided to read the book.

For those of you familiar with the EU ranking of language skills, the book is rated A2 […]

Two things that are annoying about America

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lot more interactions with Americans than I normally do, and I was reminded of two things that I find annoying about the States.

First, the drinking age is 21. I cannot think of a single good logical reason for this to be so.

Second, health insurance […]

What the hell is going on in America? A Rant.

Although I’m an American, and although I actually pay taxes in the United States, I’ve tried to avoid immersing myself too far into the details of the current debacle in the United States.

Honestly, I’ve been focusing a lot of my non-work brain time on other issues so my exposure to the problem has been […]

What Unites…

I want to thank everybody who commented and provided suggestions as to what to talk about during my Living in Germany as an American talk.

Amongst the others, I want to thank 50% of My DNA (I stole one of your photos, but I credited you), and PapaScott (I quoted one of his 2009 blog […]

Mothers and Mobility

This past weekend was shockingly lazy: apparently I had a sleep deficit and I made up for it with a vengeance. Other than reading and taking four long naps, I did two significant things: I went to a park (where I read Straight Man, a delightful book), and I went to the gym.

It was […]

Heart(less) Mountain

It snowed last night.

It’s not exactly my worst fear, but it’s come awfully close: It’s snowing in Cody, Wyoming. I got up here with limited road challenges: a few brief periods of limited visibility and a bit of slush here and there.

This morning I went out to find my car covered in […]

Kaopectate Memories…

A couple weeks ago my PseduoWife was trying to explain to somebody here in Germany what Pepto-Bismol is—and she turned to me for an assist.

Unfortunately I was not the right person to ask because as a child my Mother was serving up Kaopectate whenever I was in a position to need it—and, as a […]

Entering the Danger Zone

Really, there are times it’s great to be an American and times it is a royal pain-in-the-ass.

Right now it’s one of the later.

It’s so bad that I have gone on the offensive, and when I’m in a group where I am the resident American, I’ve taken to asking the question first: What do […]

Poor Amusing Idiots

I have to confess that I’m kind of a harsh guy when it comes to other people’s stupidity.

I’m not really sympathetic.

Like the guys who own gigantic SUVs in America who are just now discovering that not only are the vehicles expensive to purchase, they’re expensive to keep running. With fuel just now approaching […]