February 2020
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S.T.H: Pervalicious!

Saturday in Berlin, before heading to the mp3 Experiment, Snooker and I stopped by the new Exile gallery located near Hallesches Tor. To read about it though, you’ll need to click through—and keep in mind that while there are no photos in this particular blog entry, the text might be NSFW.


Suitcase Stuffed

One of the harder things to find in Germany are quality gay English novels.

There’s a book store up in Berlin that has a nice selection, but it’s not that wide. I usually visit it when I’m there, buying two or three books.

Trips to the states I have to restrain myself—and I failed miserably […]

Boy Meets Hero

I bought several books while in Berlin—including the newly released hardbound comic book, Boy Meets Hero.

It’s a comic book about a closeted gay superhero and his boyfriend—and it’s actually rather endearing. I’ve linked to the comic’s website from my homepage for awhile now because I liked the story. It’s a simple tale of romance, […]

Before Nifty

It’s hard for me to imagine what the world was like before two critical events: Stonewall and the Internet.

Stonewall was the most critical moment in the gay rights movement in the twentieth century, the moment when the drag queens of New York City told the police that the harassment had to end and that […]


Even though my flight does not leave until, essentially, early evening, I am already in Indianapolis.

My objective in Indy was to stop by Out Word Bound Books to pick up the latest mystery by Anthony Bidulka, Stain of the Berry. Bilduka, the gay Canadian author I discovered last summer, is not readily available at […]

Boy Culture

I happen to be in New York City for the release of the film Boy Culture, based off of a novel by Matthew Rettenmund that I read a long time ago and enjoyed.

After having been rejected and prevented from buying shoes because my signature was “too short” (I thought, at the time, that too […]

The Advocate

I hate the Advocate, the “national gay & lesbian newsmagazine” of the United States.

Well, hate isn’t the right word; it is more a sense of profound disappointment and contempt.

It is, to be blunt, shallow, bland, and boring.

Strangely, I feel the same contempt toward the Advocate that I feel toward Time and Newsweek. […]

Absolutely Positively…

I picked up a gay children’s novel while I was last in Amsterdam—Boekhandel Vrolijk is one of several gay bookstores in Amsterdam and it has an excellent English selection—plus Dutch and Deutsch selections, which I’m less able to judge.

Absolutely Positively Not… , by David Larochelle, is a very charming book about Steven, but not […]

Gay Literature

One of the biggest problems facing gay literature today is that much of it focuses on a few narrow themes:

1) Erotica: Not that this is bad, considering it’s Masturbation Month, but regardless of where I’ve looked-big chain stores in the USA, independent gay bookstores in the States and abroad-a large percentage of the material […]

Crying Books

Now that I’ve written about nearly crying in a real life situation, it occurs to me that I am driven to tears by select books. This was driven home today because I was rereading one of three books that I know can do this to me consistently: Mark Sanderson‘s Wrong Rooms.

Wrong Rooms is an […]