January 2020
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Flying Pam Ann

my ticket!

Wednesday night I finally saw a comedian that I’ve wanted to see for years: Pam Ann.

Given how much I love travel, in particular, flying, let me just say that Pam Ann is a comedian right up my alley. She does comedy that is based on the airline industry, poking fun […]

All about the little differences*

I knew long in advance that the first quarter of 2011 was going to be a busy one for me – and it was. I started to surface at the end of March, and now, now that May is beginning, I am starting to take a long view of things.

For the moment, my time […]

Getting back into the swing of things…

Right after I got better, I sort of got slammed with work and I spent the weekend working on a very interesting project, which is prompting a field trip this upcoming weekend to yet another Berlin historic site.

The work has kept me busy—while working over the weekend I took a little bit of time […]

There are three ways, dammit!

Yesterday I had a meeting with somebody and I brought with me a bar of chocolate for him.

He didn’t want it, explaining that he didn’t want to gain weight, then reluctantly accepted it, and then demanded I share it.

I didn’t want to share because after the meeting I was going to the gym, […]

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A Message From Transport Canada

Consistent with Zurika, the terrorists have already won.

So I am 15…

Really, I should be embarrassed beyond words, but I have a juvenile sense of humor at times.

Yesterday I was on my way from downtown to the grocery store near my house, minding my own sweet business—when I saw the license plate of a car I was passing. It immediately gave me the giggles and […]

Dinner for One

This is a traditional German favorite over the next week. I happened to see a German remake of it tonight…


Like everybody else, every once in awhile I search myself—there’s actually a technical term for doing this: Egosurfing.

Now, at least on US Google, I am happy to say that I come up immediately—however, I am not the only me out there. There are other parents who have named their kids Adam Lederer. If I […]

Lyin’ Lonely Planet

Sometimes living in Weimar gets a bit too Goethe.

There’s the Goethe Haus, the Goethe Garden Haus, the statue of Goethe, the library with Goethe’s manuscripts, the cemetery housing Goethe, Goetheplatz, the Goethe Café, and, for the inner-wanderer, the Goethewanderweg. It’s probably a lot like Stratford-upon-Avon, except that I’ve never actually read Goethe and I […]