February 2020
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So, I finish writing a report and need to email from my office email account since that’s where I had the email address stored. It was working when I started writing the report, an hour later, the account was down and has yet to come back up. I tried to find the email address elsewhere, […]

Gay Bloomington, Again

After reading Mateo’s comments in response to my two Gay Bloomington rants, I decided I must have been overlooking something gay about the Gay Bloomington website.

I had.

It turns out if you click on the “www.visitgaybloomington.com” icon on the page, you know, the one I assumed redirected me right back to the page I […]

Gay Bloomington, Revisited

Yesterday’s Gay Bloomington posting might have accidentally given the wrong impression about Bloomington, Indiana.

The problem with the article in outTraveler isn’t that its information is wrong, but rather the information it provides is more geared to the question, “Would a gay/ bisexual/ queer/ lesbian/ transgendered person want to live in Bloomington?” This is a […]

Gay Bloomington

This morning I received a package from the States with mail!

I disposed of the credit card offers right away, which left me with a few pieces of interesting mail, plus my copies of RollingStone and the Advocate. Packaged with one of the Advocates was an issue of the outTraveler, which is a magazine targeted […]

Library Porn

I know it happens, but I’d never really experienced it for myself.

What, you ask? Well, I was at the IUPUI library, and once I finished my work, I logged into a computer to take care of my email and see what the recent news was. I also got on gay.com in the hopes of […]


My blog has been, for the last week, under attack with pings.

Most of the time you do not see “pings”–they are a feature used for Trackbacks, which is a method by which I can see who has linked to my blog from other parts of the web. I used to have trackbacks easily accessed […]

Web Links

I thought that it was time to share a few of the things I’ve recently found on the web.

First off, Scottish Widows. It doesn’t seem to be a joke.

Tired of reading and analyzing the comics? The Comics Curmudgeon/Josh reads them for you and comes up with great insight as to what’s going on. […]

Bloomington Notes

I just got my most recent bank statement from Bloomington, and as usual the monthly newsletter was included.

Inside the newsletter, the credit union thanked Pizza Queen for catering various credit union events. The newsletter noted that Pizza Queen used to be called Pizza King, and then included a link to the restaurant’s web site: […]

Stuttgart, Germany

Hi everybody!

I’m off on a biz trip to Stuttgart, and I won’t be home until late on Monday–so barring surprise web-access, there won’t be any updates until Monday night (unless Chris wishes to add more)…

Oh yes, and a note about comments: Various disgusting products (viagra, celias, penis enlargement, and blackjack) have discovered my […]

T-Online Online

I am pleased to report that my T-Online now works, without having to install any of the bloat-ware.

Next adventure: cleaning my room.