January 2020
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A Few French Quarter Snaps

Aunt Tiki’s – I passed this at noon. Looking in the door I noticed two shirtless guys at the bar. This was almost enough to get me to pop in — but I kept wandering.

I spent Monday in the French Quarter – wandering randomly, evading rain, and then meeting up with one of […]

I’m in New Orleans

If I had to pick a spot to live in the USA, New Orleans would be near the top of my list, along with Portland, Oregon. New Orleans’ advantages include a dynamic interesting city (equal to Portland) with a diverse culture (different from Portland). The real strength of NOLA comes in its Cajun and Creole […]

48: The Eleven in the Middle

Ah… time to bore you with 11 states in the middle of the country, now that I’ve cleared the 12 in the West. I’m en route to talking about the 48 Contiguous United States – and in the near future I will have visited all 48, leaving only Alaska and Hawaii to visit.

North Dakota […]

Greetings & Salutations

Greetings from sunny Louisiana, cancer alley of the United States. Adam asked if I would fill in for him during his upcoming trip to Armenia. Look forward to my comments on life in the Deep South, the crazy people I work with, and the absurdly large numbers of penises that have been appearing in the […]

Tom Coverdale

I just googled Tom Coverdale, and he’s now “Director of Basketball Operations” at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

I still think he’s cute.

Will you please marry me Tom?


So, the gumbo is made.

I got the recipe straight from Louisiana, but due to some technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to follow it exactly: No filé is available here in Germany, and I wasn’t able to get some of the seasoned ham that was suggested (tasso).

That said, I hope the improvised recipe works. […]