February 2020
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It’s 182 miles, 3 hours and 20 minutes from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Bloomington.

I know this distance because I just looked it up and because I paid for a FedEx 2Day Envelope that weighed 0.5 lbs (0.2 kilo) to travel this distance.

Naturally I didn’t know that the envelope was going to come from Fort Wayne – but the envelope holds a ticket for me to see a […]

My favorite German office: the Customs Office

Yes, I know, some members of the expat community are unhappy with the German Customs Office because they weren’t notified that a package was waiting for them: to my friend, Heidelbergerin, I am sympathetic.

I’m annoyed because the German Customs Office seems to have it out for me. Normal mail seems to spend six weeks […]

A Mismash of Many Things!

I’ve had a pretty busy week – Actually it’s been a fantastic week.

I can only think of two “negative” things: First, I banged my leg into a table Tuesday evening –pretty hard—it took me 2 minutes of cursing before I could move again—and it hurt enough to noticeably bother me through Friday. It’s still […]

Packaging Overkill by Käfer

I wanted to get a gift for a friend who lives in Munich—a quick consultation with the über-wise Headbang8 delivered the perfect solution: a gift certificate to Käfer, a high-end grocery store.

Online I found a 50€ gift certificate, which then cost 5,90€ to get shipped to me.

I expected an envelope—worst case scenario. It […]