February 2020
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My Weekend

It’s been a great weekend.

Yesterday I took the long walk that I’d been thinking about—from Weimar to Hopfgarten, a small village west of Weimar. I timed it perfectly. Minutes after I walked back into my flat the rain started.

I then made bread and homemade pizza. The pizza dough used a recipe that my […]

Deutschland: Love it or Leave it

In the past week I’ve read a couple of blog entries that essentially ranted about Germany. J ranted against Germany, going off on a number dislikes that makes Germany seem like the worst place on the planet. Shortly thereafter B. ruminated on her first six months in Germany, passing off interesting bits of advice. Generally […]

Hoosier Trip Summary

Road Warning

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So, I never really talked that much about my trip to Bloomington. The first two nights I was really busy, and the last night I was ill, then on the way back on the plane, the screw came out of my glasses and I wasn’t able to […]

What did I eat?

Last night I had a BBQ Chicken Pizza for dinner. It was absolutely, positively delicious.

So today, I got home from the office, looked in the fridge and decided I needed to cook my chicken before it went bad, so I put it on the stove, reached for a bottle of something and waited to […]

Bloomington Notes

I just got my most recent bank statement from Bloomington, and as usual the monthly newsletter was included.

Inside the newsletter, the credit union thanked Pizza Queen for catering various credit union events. The newsletter noted that Pizza Queen used to be called Pizza King, and then included a link to the restaurant’s web site: […]

CSD, Erfurt

So yesterday I went to CSD (Christopher Street Days/Gay Pride) in Erfurt. Surprisingly, CSD was, uh- lame. It took place right smack in the middle of the city (good thing), surrounded by lots of people shopping and otherwise in the city center (good thing), but it consisted of two beer booths (good), a couple safe […]