February 2020
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Life Sucks

When I logged onto the computer here in Prague, I fully intended to have a rant about a movie I saw last night. You probably know the movie, its the one that starts the heterosexual, couch jumping, proposing, plays the same character in every movie one–Yes, I went, while here in Prague to see War […]

Prague Bound

In a few minutes I leave for Prague. I’m traveling by car to Dresden where Rui and I hope to catch an earlier train to Prague. We cannot drive to Prague since we’re using a rental car and rental cars cannot be driven into the Czech Republic (or other former Eastern Bloc nations, plus Italy).



It’s been a busy week already, and it is only… Tuesday, according to my calendar.

This morning I attended the workshop at the office, then at noon when everybody else headed to lunch, I went to my office, grabbed a few pieces of paper and headed for Weimar because if I didn?t, I would become […]

New Year’s Eve, Prague Style

Now that I’m on my way back home and my suitcase is with me, I decided to rewrite some of what I had written before about New Year’s Eve in Prague and instead focus on the positive about having had my suitcase misplaced for a day and a half.

I had to wear my heavy […]

New Year’s Eve & Day

First off, I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

I rung in the New Year in Prague and had a fabulous time doing so. I have written a long entry about it, but on my laptop, so it must wait until I connect the laptop to the Internet.

Unfortunately, my bag is not […]


I’m in Prague.

Unfortunately my luggage is not.

not again…

Ok… i know… just another reminder that I like to travel. I leave Denver tomorrow (Thursday) morning and will be flying to Prague via Detroit and Amsterdam.


Also… while in Cheyenne last week, my sister and I visited Wyoming Home, a pretty cool store. Unfortunately, it burned yesterday.


So I’m in Prague, but not for much longer. I’m in the business center of the Czech Airlines lounge. I think I understand why people have club memberships. This is nice- free food, beer, nice view of the tarmac–what more could one want.

I’ve had a good time in Prague and will write more later… […]


Today, the day of the Christmas Party, has been bright and sun-shiny! In fact, ever since my roommate came to Europe last week, it’s been pretty sunny. Seems like he brought it with him from the States.

Tomorrow I leave for Prague bright and early in the morning: 7:30. Depending how I feel in Prague, […]

Praha IV: Gejzee.. r

It was Pink Army Night at Gejzee.. r, the gay club I went out to Saturday night-and I had a blast. In fact, I think the fact that I was alone caused me to lose a lot of my personal inhibitions. Usually I hate the idea of dancing, drinking, and hanging out with total strangers, […]