February 2020
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Cool Birthday Present


Merry App-mas! My Review of Free Christmas iGifts

The holiday season is a time in which people are friendly and generous, an event that encourages me to go out and try things.

This past season there were two offerings designed to encourage use of the Apple iTunes Store. The first was an independent organization that was trying to raise the profile of various […]

Where I am.

So my surprise December trip is to Cheltenham, England.

I’m visiting Cheltenham because a friend is quitting her job in order to raise kids and work with her husband’s firm. My appearance at her going away party this evening is a surprise—and the reason my suitcase was stuffed coming here was because I’ve brought her […]

Up in the air…

I’m back in Weimar, and I really wish the ICE trains would get fixed. ICs are uncomfortable (especially aged Swiss ICs) and late (30 minutes today).

My east-bound trip over the pond last night was highly unusual. Despite leaving on-time, we arrived a few minutes late because we took an extremely northerly route that involved […]

Christmas Presence

I just got home from the office Christmas party, and I am pleased to report that my Secret Santa got me a really cool Cinnamon scented candle—I’m looking forward to lighting it, just not tonight.

A lot of people got some neat gifts, but there was one present that could be read as either sincere […]

Birthday Soon

Will somebody please get me this Bear? (NSFW/Flash/Click on the hand)

Más vale llegar a tiempo que ser invitado.

For those of you most familiar with my favorite book of all time, the above makes clear that I’ve just reread it.

Yes, Red Sky at Morning has been my literature of choice this past week. I wish I knew how many times I’ve read it—surely I must be fast approaching thirty times—I’ve read it […]