August 2019
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A Great Mexican Fiesta – in Berlin!

Guacamole and Chips at Tacos de Mexico

So, as I noted in my last post, last Saturday night I had dinner plans – plans involving a long-time reader, 50€, and margaritas!

The 50€ was from the fact that I performed a minor favor for a friend – a tip, as it were, and had […]

Handy Food – My eating in Mobile, Alabama

One of the things I was looking forward to the most about my trip to Mobile was the food – while Berlin has an eclectic and outstanding set of restaurants, there are no good seafood restaurants that are reasonably priced in Berlin – and there were exactly two restaurants and one coffee shop on my […]

Coolest thing I saw Wednesday: A fem in a short denim skirt.

Since I am flying today (Thursday), I went out for a late lunch Wednesday at my nearby excellent Indian Restaurant – it’s a few blocks away and I seem to go there for a meal the evening before most major trips.

Normally there’s not much to remark upon – the food is excellent and I […]

Thursday Dinner in Vienna: Das Lederer

This past weekend I went to Vienna.

While I will (shortly) get to the point of what took me to Vienna, I started my trip with a trip to Das Lederer.

Conveniently it was a short (well, not that short) walk from my hotel – and it was on my must-do list. And it being […]

Stroking my Ego, Twice in 24 Hours

I can go weeks without feeling good about myself.

Wait, that sounds bad. What I mean is that generally speaking I feel good about life, but that it’s nice to, every once in awhile, hear somebody else say it.

Yesterday I heard it – well, read it – at the office in an email exchange:


The Bird is not the word, certainly not for burgers in Berlin.

There is a mythical place in Berlin.

I first heard of it a couple years ago – it’s called The Bird.

Rumors had it that The Bird was the best hamburger in Berlin, if not Europe, and that all burger lovers would go there and think that they were back in America.

That said, I’d […]

Berlin’s hip to fusion cooking: Korean Tacos!

After getting word that this weekend I’d be able to try Korean Tacos by Fräulein Kimchi, I rounded up a colleague and her plus one, convincing them to meet me at Chaparro in Kreuzberg for the momentous occasion.

Pictured above is my entrée: Chicken Korean Tacos. Also served were the Chicken Korean […]

Reason why I eat too much in the States: Carnitas

Last Sunday afternoon, after having tackled a mountain of email at my second favorite coffee shop on the planet, the 9th and Downing Dazbog, I decided that I wanted to indulge in something that one cannot get in Berlin: Great Mexican food.

I drove down one of Denver’s most infamous streets, Colfax Avenue, until I […]

18:00 CET is the perfect time for Peking Duck – Lunch in New York

The duck led a happy life and, therefore, made me happy at lunch.

At noon Saturday I found myself in the heart of New York City’s China Town eating Peking Duck at Peking Duck House.

Tour Guide Bert

It was a part of the Chinatown Food and Culture Walking Tour offered by Foods […]

18:00 CET: Birthday Tuna Fish Bagel Finished

Today is my birthday – information I have purposely blocked from being public on Facebook, which resulted in me getting only (so far) one birthday greeting there.

At 18:00 CET I was at Barcomi’s, a coffee, cake, and bagel shop over on Bergmannstrasse. With me were Snooker in Berlin and Sweet No, back from their […]