February 2020
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Democrats Abroad, Germany: Annoying Freaks

Anybody who knows me knows that I have practically no patience for stupidity.

This brings me to the subject of the US State Department and the German chapter of the Democrats Abroad. Both have elements of stupidity—the former amusingly so, the later annoyingly so.

It all started innocently enough when I checked one of my […]

Republican Values, Evaluated

12 Minutes of detail analysis of Republican George W Bush’s time in Iraq, including his sacrifice honoring dead soldiers: he’s given up golf.

via Brent Everett Blog (NSFW).

Poor Amusing Idiots

I have to confess that I’m kind of a harsh guy when it comes to other people’s stupidity.

I’m not really sympathetic.

Like the guys who own gigantic SUVs in America who are just now discovering that not only are the vehicles expensive to purchase, they’re expensive to keep running. With fuel just now approaching […]

Oral Killing

I hadn’t realized the source of all the problems in the United States until yesterday, and Samee wanted me to write about it.

It was back on June 7, 1965, when the US Supreme Court ruled that it was okay to break the law and sell unmarried women birth control pills in Connecticut—and thusly an […]

Embarrassing Bullying Bush’s America

I adore This American Life, and this week’s episode is excellent, mainly because it helps bring into focus how embarrassing and nasty America has become under W.

The Audacity of Government is well worth the hour.

“No, you’re not.”

It was a nice gentleman telling me this. I’d realized he had a German accent and remarked upon it, although he assured me he was actually Austrian, and I had just told him that I was a moron.

Even though I am one.

Yes, I’ve had my first major self-inflicted travel disaster today: I left […]

Amazon /punkt de /dot com

I am not sure what to think of Amazon right now.

Friday I ordered some electronic equipment from the firm—grand total: less than 300€. I paid using a bank transfer, something I’ve never used with them before.

And my Amazon accounts were subsequently frozen for account verification.

On the face of it, account verification is […]

Two Bad Questions

Do you want to know how to annoy me to no end?

It’s easy: Call me and after I say “Hello” ask me either one of two questions: “What are you doing?” or “Where are you?”

It happened to me in the States—somebody would call me at home, on Saturday night, at 10pm and ask […]

Silly Charges

It appears that a suspect fleeing police in Phoenix is going to face criminal charges because four people in two helicopters died when the helicopters collided.

Only in America.

Without any disrespect to the deceased, I have to say that the accident in the skies above Phoenix yesterday was a long time coming: two helicopters […]

First Four: 6401

Dear Ms. Cell Phone Talker

I realize that you were trying to do three things at once in your red car tonight: talk on the cell phone, use the ATM, and try to think.

However because you were foolishly multitasking—and not focusing on any one task—you managed to leave your ATM card in the machine—plus […]