February 2020
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Feeling Slightly Demented

Whenever I’m in Britain, I always feel like something slightly off.

I spent last night at the Holiday Inn Bristol Filton, a hotel located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the vicinity of Bristol.

It’s the kind of hotel with a “pillow menu”.

That didn’t stop them from being British, […]

Bathing in Turkey

I’ve stopped in Augsburg, Germany, for a Big Event, which I will not describe beyond saying it’s a work related Big Event.

Tomorrow I leave this beautiful city for HoosierLand with 25€ of chocolate in my suitcase, a Turkey T-Shirt, and dirty laundry. Don’t worry, everything is separated.

After my overnight bus ride from Beach […]

Lessons Learned

I am in Germany, back from Beach City, Turkey, where it was boiling hot, until about four hours before I left. Doh!

Make no mistake: the wedding was fantastic. I have no complaints about the wedding. It was a beautiful affair with the mayor administering the rites quickly after the starters and before the main […]

Exhausting İstanbul

I’m having a great time in Istanbul.

Principally, I’m exhausted. The city begs for walking and exploring, and I’m doing both. It’s got hidden nooks and crannies, shops to explore, touts to ignore.

Today, Wednesday, is my last full day in Istanbul. Tomorrow morning I rise at some unspeakable hour and take the bus to […]

26° in İstanbul

According to Google’s weather service, it’s only 26° (79F), but it feels a whole hell of a lot warmer to me.

I spent today wandering aimlessly around the city, crossing to Asia, coming back to Europe, and looking at whatever was around me.

There was a lot to digest. It’s not a completely foreign culture […]

Holiday: Easter Monday

Despite there being no discernable holiday on today, it’s a holiday here in Germany.

I guess it’s the day that people recover from their Easter hangovers: too much of the communion wine, or something like that. I really am clueless. I do know it’s also a long holiday weekend in the UK, and presumably other […]

Easter Saturday

I’m having a great weekend—despite the fact that it’s a long four day holiday weekend in Germany.

Grocery stores are closed on Friday, Sunday, and Monday in observance of Easter; stores are open today, and like many other people, I ventured out to stock up on the necessities—for a change of pace I went over […]

Travel Thoughts

This summer is going to be quite busy—and it snuck up on me without warning.

I foresee business in New York and Indiana; with additional stops in Lisbon, Berlin, and Munich, plus the wedding in Turkey.

I haven’t really thought much about any of the stops, although it will be my first time in Munich […]

Bells Are Ringing…

I realize that many of you are mystified by how I chose the places I go—like last year when I landed in South Africa and Swaziland—how’d that happen?! Or Armenia—which I selected for incredibly odd reasons.

Regardless of past reasons, this year I have a good reason for going to Ayvalik this summer.

For the […]

Historic Day

Today is a histoic day that is far more important that meets the eye.

Turkey and the EU have agreed to formally start accession talks. Hopefully, if all goes well, this will result in Turkey joining the EU in the future.

There is an amazing amount of reluctance on the part of people to accept […]