May 2019
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Five nights of Family and Friends

Guess what I toured…

So far my trip has been great, with one exception. I made all my tight connections (1 hour in Munich (Schengen to International (to the US on a US Flagged carrier)) and Washington (I had a spare 10 minutes before my flight boarded after completing Immigration, Customs, and TSA)) and […]

Scotland, Visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow

I’m just a couple days into a serious vacation – nothing I could get away with calling a “long weekend,” but an honest to go, using vacation days, vacation.

I won’t be back in Berlin for a while – instead I’m in Scotland with a friend. Our adventure starts with a few days in Edinburgh […]

Kiev III: Cossacks

My last full day in Kiev, Katya took me to the Mamajeva Sloboda – a recreation of a 17th century Cossack village located west of the city center. As an idea, it’s great, reminding me of Colonial Williamsburg in concept. In execution, well… it’s a bit more problematic.

The Mamajeva Sloboda, with a few […]

What a fantastic week – and it’s only going to get better.

This week I’ve accomplished a lot of things on my personal to-do list, including tackling a mountain of paperwork. I’d put off some of it – partially due to a linguistic barrier, partially due to intimidation.

On that front, I’ve reached that point in my life where I take retirement planning really seriously, and I’ve […]


Thursday I’m leaving for a weekend away – going to visit the old Thüringen home…

Expect notes from the road…

Happy Blasted New Year!

So I’m back from my trip to the coast for New Year’s Eve.

We (my guests and I) headed to Usedom, an island that is at the north-east corner of Germany, with the eastern bit of the island in Poland. I’d picked the place because there was a technical museum that looks at the history […]

Thursday in Indianapolis

A Stuffed Burrito Sonoma at Good Morning Mama's

Moving So Fast…

Victory Field at Dusk

Hanging Lamps



It be VACATION season in Germany!

Funny enough, despite living in Germany for 8 summers, this summer is the first summer that I’ve really noticed tourist season.

You see, August is the month that Germans go on vacation.

Living in Weimar this was hard to observe for a couple of reasons: First, Weimar is a tourist trap – in particular a […]

I know it’s bad form but I could lose 7 days!

I’ve always thought it was a bit inappropriate to take vacation during the first six months of employment.

On the other hand, I just found out that we are only allowed to carry over 8 vacation days into the next calendar year.

So now I have a conundrum: I will have a total of 15 […]

It’s been a great weekend, so far.

I’m happy to report that my first guests, Snooker and Sweet No, liked my apartment, and how it is decorated, as well as coming up with plausible explanations for why there are damaged areas on my floors plus the odd bathroom/kitchen configuration.

Their impending visit was just the kick in the pants I needed to […]