May 2004


Allergies Suck

Yesterday my neighbors pointed out that I had some lovely flowers blooming and that I ought to bring them into the house, so I brought this one into my house. Little did I know how allergic I was to this beautiful thing. This morning I decided to take it with me to the office to share.

By the time I got to the first stoplight, my eyes were watering and I was completely stuffed up. It was terrible. I’ve left the flower in the office of a friend so that my allergies would go away. It’s so sad that something so pretty can cause so many problems.

Random Midafternoon Update: I saw a dead cicada on the driveway this morning, and have actually heard them as well. They are incredibly loud–I could hear them through my closed windows with NPR on today. I still haven’t seen a significant number around the kleinschloss though.

4 comments to Allergies Suck

  • Chris C

    Cicadas — Yippie… two weeks of noise and nightly car washes. The little buggers are swarming on US 29 like something out of a Hitchcock movie. They certainly do leave a mess when they go, “Splat!”

  • koko

    I told you that you had them at kleinschloss but you just never listen to me…*sigh*

  • I knew I had them… I’d seen one on the front walk last week. I actually had not heard them at home until late this afternoon–and even now I cannot hear them. Maybe they won’t strike the kleinschloss!

    (And the car wash thingy: I hope not… wow! That sounds awful. That better not happen to me.)

  • Mike

    They are pretty much swarming all over Winslow Park and around campus.