May 2004


Mundane Saturday

So it is Saturday-and I went out and about town this morning-went over to my friend’s garage sale. They had a lot of cool stuff, but since I am constantly mobile myself, I didn’t want to load myself down with anything. Tomorrow I’m helping them pack their moving van, Monday they head to Denver.

I stopped by another friend’s shop and talked to him for a few minutes before heading back to the east side of Bloomington.

I went by Rex’s movie emporium and discovered that the cicadas were considerably more dense over there than they were at my place. The little creatures were all over the sidewalk and I think I managed to step on one or two. I think that sandals are out for the next few weeks until the creatures vanish.

This afternoon I continued reading Pete McCarthy’s book, The Road to McCarthy (2002). I first read this book while traveling around Eastern Europe last summer. Aside from the daily (sometimes) International Herald Tribune, this was my sole piece of literature in English that wasn’t a guidebook. I came to treasure this book and I loved it. Funny enough, this time around, it doesn’t seem as well written. I am enjoying his travels to McCarthy, Alaska, where he encounters the Pilgrim family. That was my first encounter with this bizarre family before I read about them in US newspapers.

I also watched Heathers-a movie I first watched back at UWyo with a guy from Evanston, Wyoming, who adored the movie. I’ve forever associated this movie with John. Interestingly the movie is incredibly dark and I found myself thinking of it in terms of Columbine at the end of the movie.

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