May 2004


Sunday’s First Entry

Today my friends David and Dennis load a truck and head West-to Denver. Yee-haw! I’m going to help them pack the truck later. I originally thought this was going to happen around 1, but apparently it’s been delayed until at least 3:30.

I don’t really care when I pack the truck-I managed to listen to the first half of This American Life– 50% of what I intended, but I hadn’t realized that the couch in the living room was actually comfortable-I’ve been avoiding sitting on it since moving in since it’s covered with way too many pillows for my personal taste.

Anyway, in some random notes, I have been exploring my hard drive and I found some pictures from my most recent trip to Wyoming-December 2002. I think the pictures turned out really well despite the fact that the camera was a pretty junky 1.3 mega pixel camera that ate batteries faster than a kid’s toy on Christmas morning. I actually miss Wyoming, something that few people actually every publicly claim; even less so among gays and lesbians. I would move back to Wyoming if I were married (a la Massachusetts style) and had a decent job opportunity.

Cicadas: They are loud! I haven’t seen that many up close and personal around the kleinschloss, but I feel as if the air-raid siren has been on since I woke up this morning. I doubt I will ever forget this sound.

Current Music: Kai Tracid – Live at Trance Energy 2003 (15.02.03). Kai’s quite the hottie! He’s my current wallpaper.

Via Fark: I listed to Gunther today. Who said Europeans have great taste?

In other blogs: Jerry has some interesting observations about urban versus suburban dwellers. I think he’s on target.

2 comments to Sunday’s First Entry

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Adam.

    P.S. For whatever reason(s), I have been feeling a lot of nostalgia for the Clinton years these days. I can still remember the late-90s pundits who claimed that the Internet and e-commerce had so fundamentally transformed the US economy that a recession might never happen again :). The 90s also saw the revival of the urban cores of many metro areas.

    I’ve received accolades from Clevelanders after revealing that I voted for native son Dennis Kucinich in the primaries!

  • Chris C

    I really need to visit Wyoming again since I have not been to Laramie since 1995. But I’m not without my favorite state for that long, I did visit Jackson in 2000.

    My mother is thinking about purchasing my small car so she can drive the 40 miles each way to work where gas costs $2.50/gal. This means I’ll have to drive it from NC/VA to CA, so perhaps I’ll take I-80 out this time. Last time it was a combination of I-64, I-70, and US 50.