May 2004


Bowling Green, Kentucky

So I’ve been to Bowling Green, Kentucky, now. Can’t say much about the place.

It all started a week or two ago when MT suggest that I come spend a couple nights at her place and then go with her to a regional high school track meet in Bowling Green. Her husband’s a track coach at a high school in the area.

So we did-but before we got to the track meet, we decided to check out what Bowling Green had to offer. It turns out there are two principle tourist attraction like things: the Corvette Museum and the Corvette Factory.

The Museum occupies a pretty and unusual building along I-65 in Kentucky. If you’re a car freak, and specifically a Corvette Freak, you’ll love this place. It had lots and lots of Corvettes, including several Stingrays. MT and I, however, were pretty much atheists at the church. We wandered around for about 45 minutes looking at cars and pretty much came to the conclusion that it was a waste of $12 for the two of us.

We then took a break, had lunch, and briefly drove around what appeared to be the grungy part of Bowling Green before heading back out to the Corvette Factory.

The factory offers tours twice a day at 9am and 1pm. We showed up on time for the 1 o’clock tour. This, as it turns out, is the worst possible time for a tour because the employees are on break! We got into the building, sat down and watched a safety video (basically, stay with the tour guide and don’t touch anything), and then started out on the factory floor. Employees were sitting around, smoking cigarettes, talking, eating, using the phone all while the assembly line sat still. The educational value of this tour was zero until 1:30 when the assembly line started moving again. We were fortunate because we had not yet passed the point where the motor and the body were married. We also got to see the point where tires are added to the car in motion. Basically, if you’re planning on the 1:00 tour, don’t expect much. Perhaps the 9 am tour is better.

After that we drove over to the Western Kentucky University football stadium, where the track meet wasn’t in progress. It was raining. We sat in the car for two hours while it rained. We both read books (A report on mine later) and listened to rain. Ultimately the end of the track meet was postponed, and we never got to see any of the athletes perform.

That’s not to say I didn’t have a good time, I had a fabulous time. Friends are what it’s all about, and I had a grand time with MT. I just won’t be returning to the Corvette Museum.

2 comments to Bowling Green, Kentucky

  • Mike

    Comments on Bowling Green are helpful; Western Kentucky has a tenure-track search in a position that I’m interested in.

  • MT

    We are NOT true believers! And today, I had my first ride in a Jaguar — let’s just say, that will be my future dream car. (soooo jealous of my boss)