June 2004


Fahrenheit 9/11

Last night I joined a large number of my fellow Bloomington citizens and saw Fahrenheit 9/11, that new film by Michael Moore. I suppose I could be like many other people out there and write some fantastic review of the film that makes it seem like the second coming of Christ, but that would be […]


For the past 26 years, Dorothy has been the program coordinator in charge of the Indiana University Arts Administration program. During that time the program has bounced from the Business School to the Music School and then to the Public Affairs School. It was during her last stop on the tour of campus that I […]

Work Place Rules

I just got the following from my new office.

No comments allowed.

– – –

Dear colleagues,

Once a time in a year we have to undertake instructions about protection of health and safety standards at work. I will send you these instructions via e-mail. Please read the instructions carefully and confirm the information by […]


So I am writing this portion of the blog whilst I am sitting onboard Delta Flight 15, with service from Frankfurt to Atlanta, Georgia. Last night, when we checked in at the hotel, I asked for the 9:00 shuttle, but since it was full, I had to opt for the 9:30 shuttle, which, as it […]

The New Laptop

Ok, the laptop is functional now. Thanks to help from the überhelpful spea computer man, I am able to browse the web, something that I wasn’t able to do yesterday on this computer. Oddly, it had been configured in such a way that I could telnet to my email account at IU, but not surf […]

Darmstadt, Germany

Saturday morning was the first (and only) morning on this trip that I actually slept until my alarm clock went off; I proceeded to shut it off and then doze for another half hour until I forced myself out of bed and into the shower: I had to finish packing a few meager items before […]

Music Moves ~~

I figured out how to create a network between my desktop and the laptop… The first thing to move is the music.. I have an hour and a half left, and have been at it an hour.

Credit History

I have one in America, but not one in Germany. My virtually perfect record in America which allows me to have a $25,000 credit line on one of my pieces of plastic matters not in Germany! That’s one of the reasons, I suspect, that I cannot get a German Credit Card until at least September. […]

Jena Nightlife 2

Friday night I went out in Jena and had a fantastic time. I think because I haven’t been doing a lot of drinking at home of late, my tolerance for booze has been substantially weakened. I was only about half way through my Long Island Ice Tea at Hemingway’s when I started having that pleasant […]

No More

1) Going to Borders and looking at books for hours 2) BBC America, Graham Norton, Amazing Race 3) Breakfast at Wee Willies

Less Often/Easy: 1) Going to the movies. 2) Counting to three: I can say one and three, but my two is horrible. 3) Getting to a major airport-at least 3 hours away.

Randomly, […]