June 2004


Cleaning, Part I

Wow, I just spent an hour cleaning my basement office at the kleinschloss.

Part of the reason is because one of the homeowners is coming home tomorrow and I don’t want him to think I am too much of a slob-not that he ever came downstairs last time, but still.

The other reason is that, of course, I am moving soon. I started out by cleaning up a lot of the stuff I have related to the computer. It’s amazing how many cables I’ve acquired over the years that don’t have any discernible purpose any more. I also seem to have more electrical cables than I can shake a fist at-and I cringe at the thought of getting rid of them because I know that I’m going to need them again, someday. However, I don’t need them in the immediate future: the plugs in Germany are different.

I’ve sold my desktop computer to the homeowners – it’s better than their old computer, and I’ve promised to install all the major programs on the computer after I reformat the hard drive. I wouldn’t want to leave those old email files lying around for the kiddies to discover – nor some, ahem, other files. It will be a clean and pure computer by the middle of July.

The biggest problem I have right now is my car. It’s a lovely 1999 Saturn SL1 with about 40,000 miles on it-well taken care of, soon to have a new windshield, and otherwise be perfect. I talked to the credit union today about the car. The lady informed me that there’s going to be a twoish week fuzzy period between the time I “payoff” the car and I get a title that I can sign over to the new owner. This lead time is significantly larger than I had anticipated. I may have to do something about my car sooner, rather than later. The good news is that right now the Kelley Blue Book value of the car is greater than what I owe. This makes me happy!

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  • Kevin

    Hey Adam,

    Sorry to hear about your friend Steve. I finally did get on here and wanted to let you know. By the way, I am Seattle….guess my caffeine habit is indicative of certain things. However, I don’t see how my interest in basketball would equivalate into Seattle. Talk to you later.