June 2004


I have a hammock!

Today’s been a very good day!

Yesterday I woke up at 5am for no apparent reason. I just kind of sat up in bed and decided it was time to get up. This was, of course, two hours before the alarm was set to go off. Today was a different story, I managed to sleep until 7:45-getting me some much needed rest.

The office today was basically one Word Crisis after another. One of the problems was just a strange Word Quirk: it would not format in expected ways around section breaks; this led to some frustrating and annoying problems where I was cursing the machine. This impressed the people I was helping because I am considered a “Word Expert.” The other problems were more minor-people were doing tasks they were not accustomed to doing and needed help figuring out how to accomplish their goals. The biggest problem probably took me 45 minutes to solve. Generating a usable faux-letterhead took 30 minutes of thinking, and the rest were easy problems.

I skipped out of the office at 1:30 and headed over to Glass America, where they replaced my windshield. The most amazing thing about getting a new windshield is how clean the new one is after installation. If it weren’t for the fact there was no wind in my face as I drove home I would have thought there was no window in front of my face. (By the way: I had excellent service!)

Installation of the windshield is going to lead to a major event this weekend – something I haven’t done since I idiotically dropped the windshield wiper arm (sans wiper) on the window in a freezing rain storm a year and a half ago: I am going to get the car washed and vacuumed.

I have been hesitant to do this because the last time I had a windshield with a crack in it and I went to wash it, the crack decided to extend itself from top to bottom of the window, thus prompting a quick replacement.

After that I came home and went to work cleaning the kleinschloss: I swept the floors, mucked about the pond, and returned the fish net to the neighbors house. I ended up talking to my neighbor for a good long time-and just as I was about to head home, the homeowner came walking down the street.

Homeowner, Neighbor, and I then went in the house, talked, and homeowner decided it was time to set-up the hammock.


I have a hammock?

I have a hammock!

Homeowner is off attending a reception for a conference here in town; I did some more paperwork-did something in an hour and a quarter that I expected to take three hours. I am pleased.

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