June 2004


Address Changes

According to my current address tracking spreadsheet, I have 37 entities to notify of my address change from the PO Box to the kleinschloss, my domestic mailing address whilst I am in Germany.

I?ve notified 26 of them. Twenty-seven, now. The big ones I have left are the credit cards. I should have this done by the end of the week. I want to close my PO Box by the end of the month, if I can-although it might not happen until I return from celebrating my Mother’s birthday.

I need to reduce the number of address changes I make. I think I’m closing one credit card, renters insurance will go by the wayside, and I won’t be renewing American Cheerleader.

Update: One account closed, another address changed. Moving sucks.

4 comments to Address Changes

  • Chris C

    American Cheerleader? I would have pegged you as a reader of something more like Drummer magazine.

  • Never underestimate American Cheerleader — I subscribed to it for some pretty mundane and stupid reasons–and I have gotten my money’s worth… I just don’t need it long term.

  • Chris C

    Oh… that’s right! You have to put out the bait to get the hot HoT HOT! married guys…

  • Chris C

    I nearly forgot… I’m falling down on my recruitment duties as of late. Do I need to start canvassing UNCG and pull some of those sexy jocks into the family?

    I’m sure the conservative base around here would welcome my efforts.