June 2004



I would love to know why my body is insisting upon waking up every morning for the last two weeks at 4am. I suppose I could try and fight it-I usually get up and check my email, but 4am is a pretty good lay-in in Germany – I’m waking at 11am their time. Too bad I’m going to bed at 6am, their time.

Today’s Herald Times had an interesting article about the Modern Language Association’s Language Map. Consequently I’ve spent half an hour examining the site and, as I write this, am generating a comparative map exploring the density of French and German in these United States.

I went to see the Stepford Wives last night with Koko and Mike. While it certainly isn’t great film literature, it was a fun movie. One thing I really enjoyed about the movie was how it treated the gay couple in the film-they were “normal” – within the parameters of the movie. (Surprise! It got a red light!)

Random Thoughts: Scheveningen will be one of my first trips once I am abroad: I really want to visit a beach and I have fond memories of that one. I’m going to miss For Better or For Worse. Plus, it’s only reasonable that Graham Norton is getting his own television show in America, now that I’m moving to Germany.

2 comments to Randomness

  • elizp

    My comment has nothing to do with MLA or Stepford Wives. Just want to thank you for your Bloomington restaurant guide, which helped me settle in when me & my husband moved to town 10 months ago. I don’t know where you’re headed, but if going to a big city you may want to hook up with a bunch of Chowhounds, consummate knoshers who take it upon themselves to share their reviews of local eateries on the Web. In Chicago, Chowhound activities have extended to 12-hour restaurant crawls. Anyway, thanks again and best of luck. –elizp

  • MT

    try http://www.fborfw.com for the “For Better or for Worse” cartoons.