June 2004


Cheney Curses!

Per CNN.com: Cheney Cursed out Senator Leahy using the F-word! Naturally, the Vice President’s office has said only that there was a “frank exchange of views.”

Follow Up: Jesus’ General covered this same story!

3 comments to Cheney Curses!

  • MT

    Ah yes! The dreaded “F-word.” You’d think, since people use it so much these days, that it would lose its punch! Anyhow, sounds like the campaign is getting to ol’ Dick!

  • Chris C

    Lesse… Cheney cursing on the Senate floor, Jack Ryan – Republican candidate for US Senate in Illinois asking his wife Jeri (Star Trek Voyager’s Seven of Nine) to have sex in public. Oh let’s not forget that Newt Gingrich has shown how much he values the sanctity of marriage and the vows that go with by divorcing two wives once they came down with rather serious illnesses. Oh and Rush Limbaugh defending the sanctity of marriage by filing for divorce.

    I’m not sure where the religious zealots ever got the crazy notion that the Republican party is the shining example of morality in the country… then again, a large portion of them think NASCAR is a sport.

    In other news… I’m thinking about getting a Massachussets wedding license and then filing/putting it on record in the Pitsylvania county courthouse in Virginia. When they refuse (due to the law coming into force next Thursday 7/1/04), I’m gonna sue their asses for violation my right to due process.

    Anyone want to help fund my cause? 😉

  • Chris C

    Woops! Guess I need spelling lessons… That should be “Massachusetts” above.