June 2004


Busy Days

I was really busy yesterday (phone service, administrative stuff) and didn’t get a chance to post. I’m leaving in a few minutes so I don’t have time to write anything else right now.

PS- Thanks Mom for making me learn touch typing! It helps because I’ve converted this computer to US English as its standard, but I have a German keyboard–so what’s printed on the keys does not correspond to what’s typed!

5 comments to Busy Days

  • MT

    Are you back yet?
    Are you?
    Are you?
    Are you?

  • Chris C

    I was nice to have gotten a phone call during the delay in Atlanta. Glad to have you back. 🙂

    Must have been one heck of a storm down there in Lanner, Jawja.

  • ATL is a dark and dingy airport. I don’t ever want to return to it again.

  • Chris C

    Sadly, The Delta terminals at ATL are bright and airy compared to SJC or MDW. SJC is so pitiful they still drive stairs out to the plane. I’m not talking stairs to get on or off of a regional jet, I’m talking stairs to an A320. I guess if you are in a wheel chair they just open the door and throw you onto the tarmac before they bring the stairs in.

    The inside of the terminal is rather modern. That is if you consider modern to be a style that was trendy when Hill and Crane halls at UWYO were first built. Quite frankly it looks as if communists built it.

    I almost expected to see those old-fashioned departure boards like were around in the 60’s. You know, the ones that had the letters and numbers that flipped like that alarm clock in the movie, “Groundhog Day”? 🙂

  • My distant impression of MDW is that it is bright and airy now that it has been reconstructed.

    The first time I went to Europe, I was onboard a KLM 747-300 and once we got to AMS, we had to park on a remote stand because the workers were on strike.

    I got to take the stairs down! Wooooo!