June 2004


Music Moves ~~

I figured out how to create a network between my desktop and the laptop… The first thing to move is the music.. I have an hour and a half left, and have been at it an hour.

Credit History

I have one in America, but not one in Germany. My virtually perfect record in America which allows me to have a $25,000 credit line on one of my pieces of plastic matters not in Germany! That’s one of the reasons, I suspect, that I cannot get a German Credit Card until at least September. […]

Jena Nightlife 2

Friday night I went out in Jena and had a fantastic time. I think because I haven’t been doing a lot of drinking at home of late, my tolerance for booze has been substantially weakened. I was only about half way through my Long Island Ice Tea at Hemingway’s when I started having that pleasant […]

No More

1) Going to Borders and looking at books for hours 2) BBC America, Graham Norton, Amazing Race 3) Breakfast at Wee Willies

Less Often/Easy: 1) Going to the movies. 2) Counting to three: I can say one and three, but my two is horrible. 3) Getting to a major airport-at least 3 hours away.

Randomly, […]

Bureaucracy II

Friday was a pretty busy day. I woke up at some obscene hour-5:30, as I recall, and checked email and other mundane stuff before I headed over to the train station. I needed to catch the 8:08 train to Weimar in order to hang out with J and finish up whatever work I needed to […]