July 2004


Mike’s on his way

This afternoon was taken up with helping Mike pack his truck for the big move to Cleveland. It’s sad to see Mike go, but on the other hand, one of us had to leave first.

I hope Mike’s move goes well at the other end!


I recommend avoiding UPS.

1) Due to help I received from a UPS employee, I am getting bills for packages that should have been billed to the receipient. If I had done this on my own I would have been annoyed at myself, but because somebody in a UPS uniform told me to fill out […]


As I write this, John Kerry is about to give his acceptance speech in front of the Democratic National Convention. While I am pleased to say that I was a Kerry supporter as early as last October and that I support most of what says, I have to say that this is a watershed year […]

Happy Things

I went down to Bedford tonight to have dinner with my ex-roommate Joel and his boyfriend Scott. We had an excellent dinner and a great conversation.

Before that though I stopped by Radio Shack and picked up a piece of electronic equipment I need for Europe–thankfully only one current/plug adapter. I was thrilled because I […]

Letter Writing

Read this one at MT’s site.

Mrs. Dingle…

… dead?


Sudafed (1×96), Sudafed Nighttime (1×12), Tylenol (2×100), Imodium AD (1×48), Cepacol Sore Throat (2×18), Antifungal (2x Tubes), Aspirin (2×100), 1x Halls, & 1x Extra Strength Benadryl.

SMYHL Final Thoughts

The end of the first day of the SMYHL conference was a purely personal interest: I picked “Integrating LGBT Youth in Athletics” as something that seemed interesting. It was a bust in terms of audience (3 people) and in the composition of the panel doing the talking. Three collegiate lesbians and one high school swimmer […]


For what felt like the millionth time, this weekend I was again informed about the definition of faggot/fagot:

fag‧got also fag‧ot n.

1. A bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches bound together. 2. A bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded or hammered into bars.

tr.v. fag·ot·ed, also fag·got·ed fag·ot·ing, fag·got·ing […]

SMYHL Review

At the closing session of the SMYHL (Sexual Minority Youth in the Heartland) conference, several of the panelists suggested that we write stories about our experiences in order to share them. There was then the brilliant idea that we could email them to a central email address and that some how they will be shared.