July 2004


Constant Sales

Bank One Corporation
1 Bank One Plaza
Chicago, IL 60670

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently visited one of your Bloomington area Bank One branches in order to make a deposit into my employers account. He was unable to complete the transaction himself because he is away on leave in Germany.

At the conclusion of the transaction the teller asked me if I was the account holder, and when I said I was not, she asked me if I was interested in opening a totally free checking account.

I replied that I wished she didn’t do that, and she asked, “Why, because you cannot keep a checkbook?

That was not my actual complaint, but for your employee to assume that I was incapable of keeping a check book accurate was unprofessional and intolerable.

My actual complaint was that your employee tried to sell me additional services at the window-I am tired of being told about other services that businesses have to offer, whether it is an offer to sign up for email spam from Borders, encouraged to subscribe to other services when calling SBC to adjust my phone services, or open a checking account with Bank One, I want it to stop.

In the past few months I have stopped by branches of BankOne in Bloomington two other times and both times your employees have tried to sell me products that were not relevant to the transaction at hand. Another one of my employers assistants was also given a hard sell during a transaction, and she did not like it.

You really ought to stop this behavior because if it happens again, I am going to recommend to my employer that he close his BankOne account and go with one of your competitors.


Adam Lederer

PS. Do not add my name to your mailing list for any purpose such as credit card offers, new account offers, or any reason beyond addressing the concerns specifically stated in this letter.

1 comment to Constant Sales

  • Chris C

    Obviously I failed to click post when I put my rant about this topic in earlier.

    Marketing… ah the wonderful business in which I work. Here is my story of marketing run amok.

    I had to call one of my vendors that made a serious screw up on a listing of our advertising rates in their listing service. This service is used by many agencies and research vendors to obtain data in which to use in their various cost efficiency programs etc. While a rate card has a variety of rates on it, the most important for magazine advertising is the 4-color, full page rate. Well guess which one they screwed up?

    So of course, when I called up to complain about the incompetence in that company (I double checked my paperwork, I submitted correctly) they of course used it as a marketing opportunity.

    First, they asked if they could use my experience as a testimonial about how important their product was (answer: no), and then tried to sell me into having our magazines listed in all their products.

    Gee, I call to roast ’em about their gross negligence (may have cost our company upwards of $1,000,000 due to the high profile nature of the data on advertising purchases) yet they thought it was a wonderful opportunity to get more money out of me.

    Sheesh, some people are just plain weasels!