July 2004


Diebold Protest

Dear President Sepanski,

I have been a member of the IU Credit Union since 1998, the summer I first moved to Bloomington. In that time I have used the Credit Union for the vast majority of my day-to-day financial services needs.

However, I am concerned because I’ve recently noticed trucks from Diebold outside your east side and Winslow Road branches.

As you are undoubtedly aware, Diebold has recently been sued over its election systems-it was revealed today that an activist group, Black Box Voting, has sued the company on behalf of the State of California for financial fraud. In addition, their machines have been banned from use in four California counties due to irregularities during their primaries March 4th.

My principal concern with the use of Diebold to provide, service, and maintain IU Credit Union ATMs, which is the role I believe they serve, is that if the company is as remotely unreliable with something as important as vote counting, I doubt that they are trustworthy in the financial services sector.

I would hope that you could cease using Diebold equipment at the IU Credit Union and switch to another provider who isn’t being sued for financial fraud; and under general suspicion for inadequate security in its systems.


Adam Lederer

2 comments to Diebold Protest

  • MT

    A busy blogging day for you, eh? My complaint/rant today was about false advertising in vending machines. Shit – why did I have to start reading “Fast Food Nation.” Now I’m having food issues (LOL!)

  • Fast Food Nation did a number on me for about a month… I am still avoiding most fast food since Super Size Me… the only fast food i’ve had is that cheese quesadilla from Taco Bell… and the only soda has been Root Beer.