July 2004


Lucky Tonight

I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up, I woke up just in time for a huge storm to pass directly overhead. The cable was interrupted with a tornado warning and then promptly went out. I turned on the radio and heard the public radio station tell me four times in a row what to do in case of a tornado. I was grateful when a slight brownout killed the radio station so I didn’t have to stand up.

The storm passed and I decided at 8:30 that I needed to do some shopping-I stepped out of the house, drove down the street looking at all the leaves that had been blown into the street. It wasn’t until I turned into the Kroger parking lot that I realized that the power was out- it looked like a fair part of town was out- although, thankfully for many, not at Applebee’s. Its parking lot was jammed.

I grabbed my ice cream, came home and fell in love with Dane Bailey. He’s a hottie.

5 comments to Lucky Tonight

  • IUMike

    You got lucky; the tornado was less than a mile from you.

  • Anonymous

    I decided to drive during that mess. I walked out to my car and there was water above ankle deep and winds that nearly took my entirely too large fat ass somewhere into the sky making my reoccuring dream seem real. I made it to my friend Stephanie’s and camped there for a bit. Scary stuff…

    Mike where was the tornado? I didn’t know there actually was one?

  • Chris C

    To the anonymous poster above…

    Your comments have me thinking about the opening minutes of the Wizard of Oz. 🙂

  • The tornado, if there was one, was along Harrell Road, which if you were listening to WFIU was clearly pronounced as “Herald” Road.

  • koko

    haha chris! I suppose I forgot to type my lovely name in with my entry 😛 I’m a dork…hohum.