July 2004


Pride… or not

The week I was in Germany in June was the week that gay pride was held in many cities around Europe, and I had assumed, after seeing mention of it on CNN before leaving Frankfurt, that my luck was out: I would not get to celebrate gay pride in Germany in 2004. I was actually ok with that because, well, I had celebrated my pride for an hour or so at Fort Wayne, Indiana’s pridefest the weekend before.

It turns out, however, that I am not actually out of luck! It seems that Gay Pride in Thuringia, my future home state, is August 6-8-in other words, immediately after I arrive in town!

I couldn’t be more excited.

The first “event” beyond a press conference is (as Google translates it) the “CSD receipt of politicians and prominent ones.”

Let me explain something here, oddly enough gay pride is referred to as “CSD” in Germany, short for, not some unusual strange thing, but “Christopher Street Days.” I don’t know it for a fact, but I assume that Christopher Street refers to Christopher Street in New York City-that gayest street of all streets on the eastern seaboard of the US. I will seek verification of my guess at some point in the future.

Friday evening concludes with a dance and a special late night showing of Dirty Dancing-a movie that I have somehow avoided seeing in English, but now might go see in German. I’ve asked a couple people if I should see it in English first and the verdict is mixed. Evidently some think the movie is obtuse enough that I’ll understand it in German even with my non-existent knowledge of the language.

This should be quite the experience, and I’ll dig out my loudest gay clothing possible and meet people- perhaps Mr. Right… errr… Herr Recht.

Links: CSD Thuringia and Gay Thueringen.

2 comments to Pride… or not

  • MT

    Dirty Dancing? *UGH* That movie is a piece of shit (well, for the plot) but has nice male eye-candy.

  • Chris C

    I agree with MT about the movie. Not sure why the Germans would love it so much… maybe it’s the same phenomenon as David Hasselhoff.

    I’d try to go do a gay pride thing here, but I get the feeling that Republican Jesus won’t allow it.