July 2004



Four years ago I was a member of the Green Party supporting Ralph Nader’s campaign here in Bloomington. I had become engaged in politics because I was unhappy with Al Gore-so much so that I had actually voted for Bill Bradley in the Indiana Primary despite the fact that Bradley had already withdrawn from the race by the time we voted here.

During the period of time when the election results was unclear I was ambivalent about whom I wanted elected president: I didn’t think Gore would be a great president, and I didn’t think Bush could be too horrible. While I was correct that Gore wouldn’t have been a great president, I was wrong about how bad Bush was going to be. Bush has been a far worse president than I could have ever begun to dream. He has been, without a doubt, an abomination.

That said, I am relieved to say that not only will I vote against Bush, I will also be voting for John Kerry.

Tonight, in the limited time I have left to make my mark on the domestic American Political Scene before I depart for Germany, I joined a dozen of my fellow Bloomington residents, and some 30,000 nationwide in watching MoveOn.org’s event for Outfoxed.

Outfoxed is a disturbing documentary about Rupert Murdoch and the Fox New Channel. Using clips from the network’s broadcasts, Fox’s claim that it is “fair and balance” is systematically destroyed. Constant attacks on Democrats and praise for Bush was highlighted; misleading statistical comparisons between Iraq and California discussed; and Bill O’Reilly’s favorite phrase “shut-up” highlighted dozens of times, just after O’Reiley claimed to have only used the phrase once since going on the air.

The documentary did not reveal anything new about the Fox News Channel as far as I was concerned-I know the channel is wacky-how could any channel whose slogan is “fair and balanced” be remotely fair and/or balanced. What I still fail to understand is why anybody has chosen to watch the channel. It is sad that it is the number one news channel in America.

4 comments to Outfoxed

  • Rupert Murdoch is now in his 70s, and I certainly won’t mourn his passing.

    Hopefully the documentary will make it to theatres here in Chicago.

  • Jerry, I suspect you will have to seek out a television set and a DVD player… along with a copy of the movie. Joan (who saw you Saturday) was at the one I went to as well…

  • MT

    Poor Al Bore … I mean, Gore … We now know that it’s *your* fault that Bushie was elected in 2000. ABB** 2004!!!!

    ** Anybody But Bush

  • I can watch DVDs on my new home PC, which is equipped with a flat-panel monitor as well…

    I was in Bloomington for the afternoon on Saturday after renting a car and driving down there and then driving back after dinner. I wish I could have stayed longer, I got to see very few friends :(. And I was exhausted the next day!