July 2004



As I write this, John Kerry is about to give his acceptance speech in front of the Democratic National Convention. While I am pleased to say that I was a Kerry supporter as early as last October and that I support most of what says, I have to say that this is a watershed year for me.

(I pause as I tear up watching Kerry hug his fellow veterans. I’d like to see Bush hug his fellow veterans.)

I have never been an advocate of voting straight-line party tickets, I find myself angry this year. When I walked by the Monroe County Republican’s booth at the county fair I asked one of the candidates about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Naturally I didn’t get a response, but I noticed the big picture of George W. Bush on the wall behind the candidates.

It angers me that any decent candidate for public office would want to be associated with George W. Bush, and I suddenly realized that unless a surprise third party candidate pops up on the ballot somewhere down the line, I will be voting for John Kerry, John Edwards, Evan Bayh, Joe Kernan, Kathy Davis, Baron Hill, and every other Democrat on the ballot.

That’s right, I am going to go against my general rule to vote against at least one Democrat.

2 comments to Straight.

  • MT

    You mean, Bush could hug those invisible fellow veterans, right? Damn, but Max Cleland (sp?) gave one hell of a speech – I see him as Secretary of the VA if Kerry wins.

  • Chris C

    The last time I voted for John Edwards he won. Let’s hope I start a trend. 🙂