August 2004



Today is a big day- I have managed to accomplish nothing at all-in fact, work wise I feel pathetic, but I did do something important.

I signed up for German lessons.

108,00€ for 30 lessons starting next Monday. 16:45 to 18:15 – it will last through 9 November.

The 9/11 Report

(I will respond to Chris’s comments later, but… I wrote this while on the biz-trip.)

So, as I was on my way to Stuttgart, I had an hour to kill in one of the train stations- ironically the Weimar main train station. I managed to order myself twei Berliner and a cup of Kaffee- grosser. […]

When CQ met Adam…

Since Adam has been out for a couple days I thought I might take this opportunity to bore everyone and write another guest blog to fill the gap. You have all been briefly introduced to me, but it occurred to me that you may not know how I came to know Adam.

I seem to […]

Stuttgart, Germany

Hi everybody!

I’m off on a biz trip to Stuttgart, and I won’t be home until late on Monday–so barring surprise web-access, there won’t be any updates until Monday night (unless Chris wishes to add more)…

Oh yes, and a note about comments: Various disgusting products (viagra, celias, penis enlargement, and blackjack) have discovered my […]


So, I’ve been holding off on one British story- which I will finally get off my chest today.

It all started innocently enough, at lunch.

It was right there, right on the menu, and I was taken aback.


Naturally I was in my finest polite mode and I didn’t say anything- but this seemed […]


I’d like everybody to welcome CQ to the blogging scene. He makes is first contribution below.

I was going to post an entry about faggots today, but Chris took care of that for me… well, not exactly. I’ll write about faggots tomorrow.

And no, that’s not a rude word, in this context.

See more tomorrow!

Finally, a place to feel normal…

Hello everybody! I’m going to take a few minutes and make a guest appearance in Adam’s blog. After writing this I’ve checked and this entry is about 1,900 words long. I’m here because I asked him if I could share the experience of my recent vacation to Cape Cod.

My boyfriend and I awoke at […]

Holy Cow

I know I’ve ranted about Jesus’ General before, and I will continue to do it every so often…

You must read this entry–and see what the State Senator from Illinois said to General JC Christian’s generous offer to run for US Senate.

(Oh yes, and I have posted a comment!)


I think I was about 10 or 11 when we visited my Aunt Edie. I’d already had “the talk,” and I had a fairly good idea of what “adult” meant. Adult movies. Adult videos. Adult magazines. I was told that my Aunt Edie lived in an “adult community.” Now, my aunt was a good 80 […]

ich liebe es

Ah, today was an amusing day- I stepped inside the Jena McDonald’s for lunch and had a Big-Mac meal- with fries, mayonnaise, and a coke.

In Europe on gets charged for the ketchup or mayonnaise that you dip your fries in – one free packet with your meal, beyond that who knows how much it […]