August 2004


CSD, Erfurt

So yesterday I went to CSD (Christopher Street Days/Gay Pride) in Erfurt. Surprisingly, CSD was, uh- lame. It took place right smack in the middle of the city (good thing), surrounded by lots of people shopping and otherwise in the city center (good thing), but it consisted of two beer booths (good), a couple safe sex displays (wait until you see the postcards), and a stage with a bad band. All of this took place in a square about the size of an elementary school gym. In other words, it made PrideFest in Fort Wayne look fabulous!

Fortunately I was able to connect with Katya-it seems that I wasn’t able to read her handwriting-her four looked a lot like a six-in the American setting. In the European setting, I ought to have recognized the difference.

Bad Adam.

She took me on a fabulous tour of the city. We went up to the Cathedral (“dom”) and over to the citadel. At the citadel we went into an art gallery filled with the latest (or not so latest) in modern art. There were several points where we assumed something was art, but it wasn’t and that something wasn’t art until we realized it was art. We also crossed the famous bridge that has shops and houses lining both sides of it-I would tell you its name but I have forgotten right now. We also had an excellent ice cream–€1,50 for three enormous scoops.

For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant where I had a Spinach and Egg pizza. Considering the price (€6,50), it was enormous, inexpensive, and delicious.

Unfortunately the transvestite show (drag show) was expensive–€20/each, so we parted ways and I returned to Weimar. Unfortunately I got lost while going from the train station to the house. I was looking for the office of foreigners, and I think I found it, but I got completely disoriented and lost. I need to explore the city in the daylight.

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