September 2004


Gay or ….

For two days in a row I have wished I have spoken German-enough, as Mateo would say, to flirt.

Today sitting opposite me on the train, I had a nice, tall, cute guy with spiky black hair and brown eyes. Rather attractive over all, although, I realized a bit later that he was probably still in high school-part of a group traveling to Jena for some grand purpose. He had these really cute glasses and was just… well… errr… cute.

Yesterday, there was a Drop Dead Gorgeous Hunk sitting opposite me with strong facial features–a great jaw, pale blue eyes, and.. incredibly, his pants that matched his eyes. He had that wee bit pouty/sullen look, but over all, I was drooling.

The fact is, I drool a lot in Germany.

Men here are hot- I don’t know how else to describe it.

Men here, for whatever reason, know how to dress, wear their hair well-esterday I stopped by my local grocery store and much to my delight there was Mr. Cutie shopping-he caused my American gaydar alert to sound, but, with a 10 year old daughter I had to reset. The girl puts him in the probably hetro category. The store also has a smoking hot cashier, who, according to J, is married with kids. If this guy were married with kids in America, I would scream “He’s in denial and needs to get out of the closet.”

In other words, my gaydar, which far from reliable in America, is plainly useless in Germany. Here it seems plausible that the men I think are gay are probably actually straight-unless a good 30% of the population is gay.

All of this reminded me of a game I once played on the Internet: “Gay or Eurotrash” – and it’s lesser known companion, “Lesbian or German Lady.

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  • Chris C

    This is the time in Sprockets when we dance!

    Next thing you know you’ll be scoping out potential dates on the spielkunst bus. 😉