September 2004


One race ends, a new race begins…

As many of you may know, Adam is a big fan of the reality show The Amazing Race and so am I.

Adam had the good fortune of going to Germany and live the wonderful adventure that is cooked dill with a side of dill, but he has missed out on the race. I’m not sure if any of you follow it, but I think it is much better than most reality shows in that the people actually do something and they go to some fairly spectacular places. TV Guide has called it the best reality show on TV.

An odd shift in the schedule has CBS ending one race this past Tuesday and the new one starting the first week in October and I’m hoping that the ratings are good enough that they will bring us a 7th and 8th installment after the fall race airs.

I think this is also the first race since season 2 that had all three final teams show up at the finish line. The 4th season had one team still in Hawaii as the winning team crossed the finish line in Arizona. This time all teams were present/already in Dallas when the winners crossed the line.

This time the race was very competitive every show and the last leg from Calgary to Dallas provided an intresting twist. For anyone that knows airline route structures well will undoubtedly know, American Airlines has their primary hub in Dallas. So it made sense for two of the teams to book direct flights from Calgary to Dallas. Had I been racing, I would have done the exact same thing. No other airline provides direct service between these two cities.

Unfortunately for them fog set in and the American Airlines plane was unable to land in Calgary to pick up the two teams that had made reservations but a United Airlines 737 was on the ground to take the third team to Denver the next morning. This allowed the team that was in third place to jump over them and arrive in Dallas 20 minutes or so earlier than the others since they all ended up leaving Calgary on a United Airlines flight but only the third team stayed in the United terminal in Denver when they made their connections; the other two had to run to the American Airlines gates.

The two teams that had to transfer to American in Denver would have been able to change their tickets to get on the United flight, but they made the mistake of checking baggage they didn’t want to carry which they would retrieve after the race. I suppose the idea was to lighten their load so they could run to the finish line faster. They found out that FAA rules require that the people who put baggage in the hold be on the plane. No bags fly without their owners. So the other two teams HAD to fly on American if they were to get to Dallas at a time to be competitive.

During the show I was intially a follower of team Charla/Mirna (the little person and her cousin) but they got eliminated the week I was up in Cape Cod. I then switched to team Bowling Moms who got eliminated during the last show. This led me to start cheering for the team that ultimately won. I’m so glad the Colin and Christie didn’t win… I’m sure Christie is going to be found dead in a dumpster one of these days if she stays with Colin. That boy is abusive and she is codependent upon him.

Does anyone else that reads Adam’s blog a fan of The Amazing Race?

So I’ll end this little rambling here. Just thought I’d take a few minutes and put another entry in the blog to let everyone know that it’s still live.

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